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29th August 2004

10:52am: I was just wondering if anyone still comes here to see if we update or not. Well...if you do, you should get a life. jk. Well i'm bored now and need a life which is why i'm writing this in a journal that no one reads. It's like my secret diary! ........Not really. Well bye.

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20th August 2004

5:04pm: The End

Hey everyone...i'm sad to say that Kellille is coming to an end. It's time for chamille and I to start our own live journals and be independant. For the time now only I (kelly) will have a new live journal, which will be twotoned527 , and chamille will start a new one when she feels like it. So thank you all for being there when we needed you *tear* lol. And I'll see you at my new journal.

And to chamille:: BYE BOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a great time sharin a journal with ya. And remember only internet Kellille is coming to an end...as long as our declaration is on mr.p's wall, we'll always be together...(okay this is really corny). But oh well. Luv ya Fuebeh. Tootaloo. Luv ya.


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16th August 2004


Hey ya'll.......*sigh* well first day is over and done with...good...now i can stop thinking about what might happen (cuz thats what i do...daydreaming). Well i'm pretending to be falling asleep right now...cuz my mom doesnt want me staying up late..but i was listening to Queen and it got me pumped and then I was listening to music on the radio and dancing around on my bed. I've been thinkin about some stuff the past couple hours...not gonna share them here, they're kinda stupid and personal. Well I really like that new song from Bowling for Soup called like 1984 or something like that. It's wicked cool. I'm not looking forward to rehearsals tomorrow...i'll be there till like 11 maybe...thats gonna stink. But I am looking forward to sharing my thought about the Ozy poem thing in mr.silveira's. I'm really really looking forward to his class this year even though its gonna be challenging...but he's so insiteful and i just like listening to his thoughts on things. This sounds weird cuz I've only had one class with him. But its off to a good start even though the homework is hard already. I love how i'm just talking about random things in this entry that dont relate to eachother at all. Tis great. And did you know that subways new sandwhich only has 10 grams of fat? rlol. Just heard that on the radio and felt like sharing. Just like smell weighs .000002 nanograms...or something like that.....props to snapple facts. lol. Well.....ummm........hmmmmmm.......im gonna go and pretend to be asleep. Fun fun. Oh and I also wanted to say BYE MICHAEL!! have fun in oklahoma!



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15th August 2004

8:12pm: SCHOOL!!!!

ITS HERE!!! ITS TIME!!!! OMG!!!! okay enough with the overdramatism....but school starts in literally 12 hours from now!!! thats soo soon. I'm not ready...i dont even have a binder yet. But I do have lots and lots of graph paper and binder paper. Well today i went shopping and ran into megan and will....i didnt even recognize will cuz he got his haircut...it looks a lot better. Well........im gonna try to go to bed early so i can get plenty of beauty sleep...lord knows i need it. Well cya ya'll tomorrow bright and early! Luv ya. Tootaloo.


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14th August 2004

8:30am: Unusual wake up call
Okay so this morning around 8 I find myself awaking to the sound of what seems to be a person flipping through a bunch of pages in a book. But I discover that it is the sound of a dragon fly being tortured by my cat. Thats right a huge full grown ugly ass dragon fly on the ground in my room being harassed by my dear sweet tiger kitty. I was all "omg" and I didnt know what to do. My mom was still asleep so I had to think for myself so......I grabbed my cats water bowl that I keep in my room and emptied it and when I had the right chance I put it over the dragon fly, which my cat was having so much fun with. So I put the bowl over it and then a big ass pillow so it couldnt get out. Uhhhh yeah okay wrong. I laid back down and 5 minutes later I hear the thing again...those things are hella loud by the way. It somehow got out from under the bowl!! I dont know if it did it by itself...probably not, it must have had the help of my clever cat. So then another 5 minutes go by with me trying to figure what to do next. So at the right moment again I put the bowl back over it and then my coin jar on top to really weigh it down. For now thats working...oh and if ur wondering why i just dont pick it up and throw it away or something...I have this thing where i wont pick up or squish or do anything (except maybe vaccuum up) a big old giant insect...its just gross...especially when its alive. So anyway my cat is sitting here staring at the bowl trying to figure out a way to get the bug out...but since its right here underneath my table I'm watching her and stopping her when she gets too close and starts to knock it over. I'm not quite sure what i'm going to do with it later...probably get my mom to do something. Yeah so thats my interesting morning. Tootaloo.

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13th August 2004


Rrrrrrghhhhhhh...parents are annoying, especially when they try to give you math lessons at dinner. Okay to explain...after rehearsals tonight my mom surprised me by picking me up with her boyfriend Jeff. Then they say were going out to dinner...ummm...k....i'd be a little more enthused if I wasnt wearing tights, short shorts, a leotard and a tank top. And even though i kinda gave a little attitude we still went and it was all good. Then the bill came and my mom has this habbit of having me figure out the tip, and i'm not the greatest at figuring percentages and all that crap in my head...and so i was taking my time...then i got out my wicked cool tip computer thingy (chamille knows what i'm talking about) and then my mom gets all pissy and is all NO use your brain and is trying to walk me through it. And 2 days before school starts it's not really processing through my brain...give me a week or two at school then I'm good. Then we pay with cash and i put the tip money down but noooo its wrong....then she gets even more pissy and I try to explain something and she's all "Shut Up!". Now that pissed me off...she could have said hold on listen, not shut up...its just not nice to say when ur not joking around. So I got pissy for like the next 10 minutes...then when we went to the gas station I texted chamille...then we went back to his house cuz he bought my mom a Cher doll...so we opened it and after I saw how happy she was (she LOVES Cher....like to death) I got over my irratedness about her. Now she's spending the night at his house....oooo la la.....wonder whats gonna happen. And I really dont care....i mean usually i would since she's my mother.....but I like Jeff so it's all good....and i kinda wanted to be alone right now. I gots things on my mind....and i'm listening and singing to My Best Friends Wedding soundtrack right now. Kinda lame...but cool at the same time. Thats why i like being home by myself cuz I can sing outloud and as loud as I want. Beware for my neighbors. Well I'm finally going shopping tomorrow!! Yaya!! Well thats all.....tootaloo.


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AHHHH....school starts in 3 days!! Less!! I'm really not ready to get up at 6. Today I tried to set my alarm to go off at 6 so i can "train" myself before...but too bad i actually didnt hit the switch for it to work...so i didnt wake up till like 8. So much for training. Well theres nothing new in my life at the moment...i keep having strange dreams (like the one where those guys bit off all my fingers...weird)...and i'm getting kinda irrated with rehearsals and the show cuz half of my numbers (literally 4 out of 8) are sooo lame...its the gospel section and theres hella people and its just lame...its not even real dancing. I'm not sure if im gonna do the show next year...but i have a year to think about it. Also, I got my scuba liscense today...ugghhh i fricken hate the picture!! Too bad i didnt know they were taking the picture that day so i looked like crap...my face is all weird and my hair is all ugly and my shirt neck is crooked...and they wouldnt let me retake it. So now i cant even be proud to show people my liscense...unless i pay $25 for a new one...maybe later after I get my haircut. I'm pretty sure i know whut i'm gonna do with my hair...its kinda drastic-ish (not like kaila drastic) but I think it'll look good...i can't do it till the shows over though. I know u probably dont want to hear about my hair..soooo....umm.....ttyl. Tootaloo


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10th August 2004

10:30am: Hmmm....well I havent posted in a while...neither has chamille....by the way chamille where are you?! You havent commented or posted in a while...just havin too much fun on the east side i guess. Well not much happenin lately...i've gotten so much farther in Zelda (my video game that i finally picked up again after like 4 years)...but i'm taking a break from it right now to write this entry. Well in one week we'll be sitting in 3rd period...oooo yay for english!! not really. And I'm finally doing something every day this week...yesterday, today, & tomorrow i have rehearsals, thursday i'm going with tadao to drop off our registration packets...and friday i have rehearsals...and then shopping on sunday!! Not much on saturday. Cuz i know you all care what i'm doing this week. Ummm...well yeah really not much goin on lately, so thats all. Kinda a lame entry. ttyl. tootaloo.

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8th August 2004


Hey Austin and I started a natomas charter community!!! So people if u go to the school or graduated or something....then join!!!! just click http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=ncs_pfaa

Its gonna be awsome!! But we do have to accept u first....dont worry the acception process isnt too bad. J/k....just request acess...send in an application...and we'll grant you....maybe.

Oh and chamille........u can manage it too, cuz its part of kellille.....so ur one of our co-founders also.

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7th August 2004


Okay I havent posted in a couple days, basically because I havent been home for a couple days. Today I was at rehearsals for 13  hours...but the majority of the time i was sitting around waiting for the next thing to start. The breaks in between were too short to leave but it seemed too long to stay...but i did anyways and i survived. Yay me. Not really. Well yesterday on Friday, Kaila and I went to Michael's going away party or in his words his "21st birthday party"...w/e michael...ur strange. Anyways that was pretty cool, no one we really knew was there, except Nick from Kentucky Cycle was there....i dont know his last name, Colby showed up later, and some girls we really dont know. OMG!! It was a pool party and too bad michael didnt tell me (though he claims he did....w/e) and so I used one of Kailas!!!! can you believe that I actually fit into one of kailas!!? The bottoms fit perfectly...the top was kinda tight...but all was good in the hood. And I played water basketball and I made some hoops!! Woohoo...go me! jk. But before that we walked kailas dog and went to Araba's house....and it was only like 10 am, and her brother answered the door and when she came down she was in her pj's and a robe...and she thought she was dreaming. She was all "What are you guys doing here at my house!!!" It was funny...but we only stayed for like 10 minutes and i used her brothers bathroom and when i got out he was laughing at me. And with araba we walked to matt leibermans house and he moved! This guy pulled up and I asked if matt was home and he was all "I'm not sure....what's his last name?" I found that weird, I mean wouldnt you know if a matt lived in ur house regardless of his last name? W/e...and so he said that the leibermans moved. To where, we dont know. So back to after the party.... we went to cheesecake factory and were criticizing like every person we saw....were such bitches....but it was quite entertaining....no offense to those who we offended. Okay so then I had a chorus rehearsal and then I went home. So then today I learned how to sing the Macarena!!! And I can get the whole spanish part down when I'm staring at the lyrics...otherwise its more like spanglish...the only words i memorized were bueno and macarena!! Yaya....mexico here i come! Oh wow...im lame. And then i learned a new dance today....it was at 9pm...and i was so hyper, i dont know why..probably because me and Ali were cracking up and talking about tv shows for like an hour...so then i was hyper and havin a grand ol time...all my problems went away for an hour....and now they're back. Oh well thats life. I'm not really tired right now...and have u ever felt like u can't talk....like ur just being silent and u feel like u lost the ability to talk without even trying? If not them im just crazy...but at the moment it would take a lot of effort to make noise and talk. I'm so mellow right now. Well I kinda want school to start really bad now...cuz i feel like i just need to be with people that i know and relive the good old times. I miss ya'll.....especially you chamille!! I havent heard ur voice in forever! Its odd not hearing ur voice like every other day. But only a week and one more day! OMG! That's so soon! And dont worry i have the globe....ready for the giving of mr.pollard. Okay well thats all.....talk to ya'll later. cya


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5th August 2004

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4th August 2004

11:48pm: Oh Lord!!!!

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright!! And I pity any girl who isnt me tonight". Such a great song. Have any of you guys seen that commercial with all the guys trying to be pretty with that song singing in the background? Its really funny...or at least i think so.

Well I feel pretty damn good nowadays...I "met" a guy named Matt...he's really awsome and we've been talkin on the phone everyday. And since I don't feel like blurting out my personal love life on here, I'll leave it to that. Sorry guys I know ur just dying to know more. Well on another note, rehearsals were tonight....uggghhh stupid ass dance. Or I should say dances...cuz there's 4 of them in a row that make up the Gospel section. And the dancing is just lame...theres like 25 dancers in the number, which is a lot. And I had to deal with someone who i really dislike, not gonna say they're actual name. We spoke like 5 words to eachother...and never talked or looked at eachother again. I could go on and on about this certain individual (bet ur curious who)...but I wont given the fact that others can read this. Chamille has already dealt with my ranting about them. Damn hoe (not chamille). So yeah the numbers are lame...but at least tomorrow night I get to do my show girl number...yippie. Its a cool number and again I think we should be able to wear rhinestone incrusted bra's. I think the male portion of the audience would find that pleasing. lol. Also today I went shopping with kaila and jenna....i only got a shirt...but for some reason i wasnt in the mood to try on clothes so all the cute stuff i saw i kinda just left there...but i'm going back at some point before school ends. And then friday i'm gonna try and make it to michaels going away party...it all depends on if kaila's dad can take us...cuz carmichael isnt the closest place ever. And as a reminder to myself for tomorrow: 1. Call Steve....2. Find picture....3. Call dad.....4. Do dishes. Yep thats my to do list tomorrow. So hard i know. Well thats all....i'm surprisingly not tired for it being midnight. And I have the "I feel pretty" song stuck in my head. But hey its better than "Oh Lord....Oh Lord....Oh Lord". Crap now I have that one stuck in my head....thats what you get for thinking about what the lyrics are for the song. Okay well now i'm just blabbering about un-interesting things. I'll talk to ya'll tomorrow...or should I say today? Cuz its 12:03. Good morning everyone. Okay thats all...cya.


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11:43am: 6th graders!!!!!!!!! have invaded

Okay, maybe it's just my not-liking-changes-personality-trait-that-i-still-haven't-admitted-to, the reason why i'm an antagonist towards this whole sixth graders coming to our school, but if you visit the www.natomascharter.com, and go down to PFAA, it will now say 6-12th grade. They've changed it!!! it's happening!!! they're gonna be waiting there like 6th graders first day of school, which should i mention is 11 days away......i can't believe it. but you know what kelly? I'm okay with. I'll welcome them..............sure! well gotta go now....



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3rd August 2004

9:28am: BUT WHY IS THE RUM GONE??!?!?!?!?!?!

You're Captain Jack Sparrow: smart, savvy, a demon with the eyeliner and the best damn pirate we've ever seen. And only a litte crazy. Savvy?

Which POTC character are you?

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2nd August 2004

8:58pm: Update.......

Yo!! I really should update as soon as possible and not wait till i have a bunch of things to write, but here it goes.


 We woke up early, so that we cold go to the park and watch the sunrise. When we got there, we were the only ones in the park, which was pretty peaceful and i like it a lot. We sat on the dock, and waited and waited. Of course, before we left i grabbed my CD player and picked the pefect sunrise music......John Mayer. I love him. There was a light breeze blowing about us so it wasn't warm but it wasn't chilly. There was also a light fog in the distance. Even though the sun never came out, i really liked it b/c it was a comfortable weather, and John Mayer................well.


Woke somewhat early, took a shower. We were going to the water park, and we were leaving at 8:30. I finished  taking a shower at 8, so i had 30 mins. to eat breakfast, that they prepared for me, pack the things that i need for the park,  do my daily face things......basically get ready. When we got to the park, the sun was out and it was pretty warm. They were pressuring me to go on the slides, but i was scared as hell, so my cousin, not giselle, and I went to the "Raging River", which by the way is so so so so incredibly boring and slow. When we got out, we went back to our table. They finally convinced  me, but i had to wear a shirt. I didn't feel confortable walking around in my suit, the orange one. So they wanted me to go on the wide white slide, where you ride on a two people tube. Originally, i was going to ride with my aunt, but her sister's husband, who by they way, not being prejudice or anything, is over- weight insisted on me going with him, some weight thing. I sat on the front, while he struggled to get on the back. On the way down, i was nervous as hell, adn our tube kept on spinning. When we landed on the water, we flipped over, something that i was praying not to happen. It was horrible, everything else was fun, before the part where i flipped around and around atleast 3 times, under water, while that same water rushed up my nose and stung it like hell!!! Yeah it was fun.....but damn it hurt. My ass kept on hitting the bottom of the slide on the way down. I rode on a couple more rides. Those were my first water slides, they were fun. Saw some pretty hot guys. I saw this guy, from afar, who had this hair like very rooney, and he was cute but yeah. I also saw this guy, who looked like joe, about 16-17 yrs old, but with hair like the ones he had in seventh grade. Except this guy had dark brown hair. I didn't think he was hot or cute or anything, no offense to those who feels offended. Anyway, afterwards we came back to my aunt's sisters house for bbq. The food was delicious. Their daughter basically decided for ME that i'm going to meet her grandparents. The grannys live upstairs, and when i went in, the house smelled like B.O. and old people. They were so surprised at the fact that i'm 16, and that i don't find 80 degrees hot. I hated the fact, that their daighter, aunts sisters, kept forcing me to do stuff. I also found the joy that is bufferring with this reqtangular bufferer.


Woke up early, to get ready for church and manhattan. We went to church, and at the end when i was passing by the preist, he asked if i was filipina. The weather outside was horrible, so we didn't go to manhattan, we'll do that next weekend. We went to do laundry, which was rpetty fun, but i found out everyone who uses laundry places, are MEAN!! Anyway, after laundry the sun ended up coming out, but we couldn't go to manhattan anymore coz it was too late in the day. We went to the mall instead, it was crowded as hell. Then we got pizzas, and we saw Spider-Man 2. The movie was good, it was okay. It seemed endless though, and there was a handful of cheesy parts.

I'm so tired. I didn't fall asleep till 1 something last night, and i woke up early today. Is today monday or tuesday?

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12:37pm: Dream

Okay so I had a couple pretty interesting dreams last night, but I'm only gonna share one. Okay so chamille, kaila, araba and I stayed at this old hotel made of wood. It was old but very homey. While we were walking into the hotel we noticed that Maroon 5 was walking behind us...and then chamille and araba disappeared. So then kaila and I walked into the hotel and checked in, but instead of checking in we were buying Maroon 5 concert tickets, and the actual guys were standing right behind us. Then we got our tickets and they were like the 1000 row, and then the lead singer took them from us and looked at them and then ripped them in two and said no were gonna get you dance floor tickets...i guess that meant like the floor right in front of the stage. So we were really excited. Then later on I was at my locker (the hotel turned into a school...though it still looked like the hotel) and inside my locker which was really tall but very skiny there was this really ugly barbie doll still in the box...and on the side of the box the lead singer of the band wrote "Kelly, I wit (i guess that meant like he's witty or something), I know its not much. PS. I really like you (or something like that)"...and I was really really happy so I ran into the classroom that i though kaila was in but she wasnt there and i ran in jumping up and down waving my arms and squeling with happiness (quite a site i know, lol). So i ran into the room saw she wasnt there and ran back out doing the same thing as everyone was staring at me. Then i went to like the dining room where there was a geometry class going on and kaila was there so i hid behind the teachers desk and tried to tell her what happened. Then this really big lady came around the desk so I ran for it. Then I saw the band again and they turned into rooney. Wow! I know. I guess I had that dream cuz I used to have a crush on the drummer of Maroon 5...and also I want to go to the concert on september 9th (kailas birthday) but we can't cuz of stupid BoB. that would be really fun for chamille, araba kaila and I to all go do for her birthday. But oh well. Oh and last night I got a bunch of spider bites and they itch...ahhhh icky...i don't really mind the fact that I have bites its just the thought of knowing that a spider was crawling on me....ewwwww....well at least i didnt see it on me...i would have freaked out! Well not much more to say. Talk to ya'll later. Hope ur still havin run chamille!!!! Keep us updated. Cya.


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1st August 2004


Okay so first day of rehearsals is over. It was alright. Kinda a long day. First we had orientation in the morning then we learned the ending song (give my regards to broadway) and then the intermission song. Then we had another chorus rehearsal for the ending number but kaila and i decided not to go...so we went to subway and i got a lemonade and she got chips, then we went back and hung out in the girls dressing room. After like an hour and a half we had a tap rehearsal for I got the World on a String. The dance is pretty cool, very mellow...not my kinda thing...i like fast paced up beat tap. And i guess since i havent worn my tap shoes in a while my heels werent used to it or something...so it broke skin and i put on a band-aid but it came off and it hurt soooooo bad. Then I went home for a while, got some mcdonalds, and then went back at like 7:00 for two more chorus rehearsals (if ur wondering I'm not actually singing in the show...its just that the dancers need to learn the songs of the numbers that they're in...which is very irratating and time consuming) anyways then I had my last rehearsal at 8:30 for a number called Rio. Its soo cool! I'm a showgirl in it...and me and all the other tall girls are and we open the number by shaking our hips all over the place and shimmying!! And apparently we get to wear a head dress like actuall las vegas show girls!! Sooo cool. I was saying how we should wear rhinstone incrusted bras with feathers and a boa. But i dont know if thats gonna happen. lol. My part in the number isnt much dancing just walking around and being show girly. The actual dancers come out after us. Well after that it was 10 so i was pretty tired when i got home.

Now im sitting at home still in my pj's even though i showered, my mom is on a  date getting lunch with some guy...and i'm just very relaxed and watching a marathon of the Ashlee Simpson show. fun fun. Oh and i can't check my email cuz my computer shuts the internet down everytime i try to go on hotmail. Ugghhhh i hate my computer!!!! So if u emailed me...oh well i cant read it. Well talk to ya'll later...im going back to my bed to lounge and be a bum. Hi chamille!! hope ur havin a jolly good time on the east coast! Represent! lol im a loser. Cya.


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29th July 2004

5:32pm: Weirdness in New Jersey

So, today i'm just going about my day, thinking it's wednesday. That i have 2 more days till friday. Right before i started updating, i asked my cousin what day it is today. They said Thursday, I say WEdnesday, because i haven't had a wednesday yet. Then we all started arguing, and it is thursday. How did this happen? It's like i skipped a day buti remember what i did yesterday and the day before that and everything from when i got here. WOW. So tomorrow is friday, then after the weekend, I only have two weeks here. That went by fast. OMG!!!! I just realized what I have to face, 4 days later after i get back, I GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! Dear Quddus!!!! Okay, i don't think i'm ready. I haven't had my summer make-over yet, which always turns out just me getting a haircut or not having a make-over at all!. I haven't gone shopping yet!! OMG! Why is time going by like, like a nimbus 1000??!!  Kelly?? whats going on?? You start BOB when? i mean rehearsals...? I'm so weirded out... I'm losing my mind.

Well anyway, i haven't done anything that extravagant. It's been raining, hard, which i love, so we stayed in the house and lounged around, while watching movies all day!!! We might go to the park early morning this friday, i don't know. Well, talk to you people later.


                                                                                                                             losing her mind chamille

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28th July 2004



From Go-Quiz.com

Damn right!!! Better watch the f*** out for our f****n lyrics damn bi***!! Sh** mother f****r! Rlol! Wow thats so unlike us....as far as you know. Unleash the secrets within Kellille. Lol. So any kids reading this, I hope you got permission from ur mommy or daddy. lol. jk. Okay I'm having a little too much fun with this. Cya damn bi***!!

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26th July 2004


Do you ever just feel like disappearing? Like going some place new where nobody knows you and you don't have to be yourself. Or just going some place, anywhere like a deserted island and just get away from parents, responsibilites, and life? I kinda feel like that right now...of course i don't have much of a life or many responsibilities, but I still want to go someplace where I can take my mind off of things. Where I don't need to think about problems or anything really. I mean going somewhere with like my closest friends and no parents and just having a great time and being kids for one last time. Its just that I've had a lot of things on my mind, and i've been feeling sad lately. I don't really even know why, the things on my mind are pretty much always on my mind at some point...but I think now its finally just getting to me. At the moment, I mean right now at 8:29 pm I feel depressed, unsure about things, and kinda lonely. I didnt feel like this all day...it only came to me right when I stepped back into my house after seeing the Bourne Supremacy (which by the way was pretty good). Just being in this house, alone, again, like always I just started feeling lonely...I feel disconnected from all my friends (not so much chamille) but like everyone else. And I feel very emotional...I mean last night I just started crying for no reason. And when I was talking to someone on aim, they said something and a tear just came down my face...it wasnt even something special that they said.Ughhh...hormones!lol. And I also find myself questioning friendships with certain people, I won't say who...but I can't tell if some of them are true or not. I think this partially has to do with being single. Lately I've really wanted a boyfriend...I mean I always have but now more than ever I feel like a need someone new in my life like that. Well i'm done talking...ur probably happy. So i'll talk to ya'll later...and keep having fun chamille. Miss ya...I miss talkin to ya on the phone....cya!


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6:22pm: UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!

So today was great. WE didn't go to anywhere especial due to the fact that both my uncle and aunt have work. My cousins did take me to the park. My expectations, this park, full of people, gated basketball court and playground, mostly black-top...ya know a park. What i saw, a big open feild, with two baseball area, beside the sea, overlooking the turnpike bridge, and you can see the bayonne bridge(thats where i am in new jersey). It was a great park!!! There were two small docks, where you can go fishing and stuff. All i know is i would like to take this park with me and bring it home, so that we have a park as great and beautiful as that. All the parks that i've been to lately are beautiful and magnificent. Why can't we have something as great like that in Sacramento? Maybe because, we're in the middle of all this other places. Anyway, i took lots of pictures, so far i've been using one rool of film a day, and thats not good. I wish and hope to all the gods up there, that they turn out great!!! OH! i forgot to mention, in this park, my cousins and amed, my little cousins friend who's from egypt and has this cool accent and he was really cool he's like 10, took me to this "secret forest." It was really cool actually. There was like 5 path ways, we didn't go to any of them, coz my cousin wanted to go, but it seemed cool.  Anyway i love this park!!!! and no i didn't see any cute people, even if i owuld they proly wouldn't pay attention to me given to the fact that my 10 yrs old cousin is way taller than me. She's about 5'...yeah... you guys know how tall i am.

When we got home, we watched peter pan, the recently out movie. OMG!! i want that movie, it was cute and pretty good. There were parts about it, like the ending, that i didn't like much but i like the movie over all. Kelly we should put that on our list of movies to watch. What do we have now? 105? rlol...well anyway i'm gonna go. My cousin's are starting to tell me i'm on the net way too much. Hope all of you are okay. HOW are you??? i'm curious.



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8:46am: Morning calls.

Okay Good morning everyone...and actually good afternoon chamille. Well this morning started off just lovely even though it was kinda like everyother day. But today I feel like writing about it. I woke up this morning like at 8 due to the huge amount of bright light coming through my window and then i just layed there looking at the huge tree in front of my window with the palm trees behind it and listening to the water fountain thing in the middle of the lake and the waterfall in the backyard that trickles down to the pond. Ahhh lovely. Then just like a alarm clock going off, all these birds outside just all at once starting chirpin and making noises, so I took that as my call to get up. When i did, I went to the bathroom, then I went downstairs to decide what to eat. This mornings choice was honey nut cherrios. So I took the bowl upstairs back to my room and ate at my desk while turning on the computer and going through the everyday ritual. After eating I wrote an email to chamille describing a dream that only her would care to know about. Then I checked everyones lj and here i am now typing this entry. My mom just started making noise in the room next to mine, so I guess my relaxed morning is coming to a close. I always love getting up and being the only one awake, it just calms me. Well i don't really have anything else to say...so talk to ya'll later.


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25th July 2004


 Ugghhhh!!!!!! Why can parents be the biggest bitches ever? My mom is driving me nuts right now...she's giving me so much crap and attitude, and of course if I even give the slightest form of attitude back I get yelled at and reprimanded. Good thing she doesnt want to be around me very much right now either. She's "cleaning" the house, but it just sounds like a bunch of door slamming to me. She gave me crap at dinner tonight when we ate next door, which we never do together. Its always me going next door, not her...so naturally when she goes she wispers in my ear to go and clear the table, where like 8 people were seated. Ummm...sorry can we wait until dinner is actually over to do that?!! And it's also not entirely my job to clear the table. Why not have her clean the table and be the nice neighbor? "Oh cuz I'm too special and an adult, its not my job its urs!..and dont give me that attitude missy!" Ughhh....and now she just walked into my room to look at the answering machine where there are 2 messages and in her bitch voice she's all "where are my messages?" Oh cuz every message is always for you...cuz I have no friends that call me. And then I'm all "oh those aren't for you" and she just walks out of the room. Damn bitch. Well I'm done complaining about my mother...and i know that Chamille has already heard enough of that...remember uterisville? Yeah that was pretty bad to the point where I was in tears and where every other word was a cus word. Its another side of me that limited people have seen. But its there. lol. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live with someone else, whether my dad or brother (who have both offered...but theres no way I'm moving to Redding or Oakdale) or even just a friend. Some things would be bad and others good. But I don't think I could survive without my mom even though she drives me crazy sometimes. But I do think it would be interesting to do like a Realworld thing and have the group live together. I wonder what would happen. Lol...that could be the new show at school. Instead of Dont Blink it could be NCS RealWorld. Okay well I feel better now...I'm gonna go back to watching Heart Breakers (also something that happened in Uterisville). Well ttyl. cya


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7:38pm: IT'S MEEE!!!!!!

HI YA'LL!!!!! If you haven't already guessed it already, which would be sad, it's CHAMILLE!!!! YAYA i know!!! Well i don't know if i'll have enought time to write all my experiences so far before dinner, but i can always continue it.

So when i got to the airport i was really nervous that they were gonna stop me and ask me to stop in their office, and interogate me!! Fortunately they didn't!!!! HAHAHAHA(dumbass {them not you}) When i finally got passed the check point, i started walking towards my gate....the only problem is i couldn't find it!!!! There was gate 31, 32 ,33,34 so on but no 30!! I got really scared, and the people that i was passing was looking at me, i'm sure because i look lost and like a little girl. So i went up to this lady who works at the airport and i asked her where my gate was, and i looked at my ticket..............................................................................................................(okay another reason why i'm a LOSER) it said gate 33. Well when i realized that it was too late i had already started asking the lady so i just continued and asked where gate 33 was, unfortunately the gate was right behind me, and she looked at me like i was stupid, which i am i know! I'm so stupid, i haven't even left the airport and my brain is already failing. The plane ride to dallas wasn't bad. I had the window seat and there wasn't anyone sitting in the middle so there was some space between me and the old guy. I was looking out the window when the plane took off, which is always a rush for me!!!! I love riding in planes!! I watched as everything became ant size and I finally felt like i was bigger than everything else!! I LOVE IT! Then i saw the usual make-up palet land. Explanation: when you look out the window of the plane when it's all high, the land below looks like make-up palet. Anyway it seemed forever and i started getting a head ache but not that bad. I listened to Rooney and then John Mayer.

Finally i spotted the Fort Worth airport, because of it's shape and i looked it up online. We landed, and i got off the plane, very very hungry and needing to empty my bladder really badly. First thing i did in dallas is go to the bathroom. Then afterwards i started looking for my gate.......here i go again. I kept passed by auntie annes pretzels but i figured i should go find my gate first. So i sytart walking this way, and it's taking forever and i'm not seeing any gate A anywhere!! I was suppose to go to gate A14, finally i look at this sign and it said that gate A was all the way on the opposite side. Why can't i find gates?? It's so hard. Keep in mind i had to carry my big heavy purse and this carry on bag that i have to bring, it was like 2 pounds or something heavy. My shoulders were hurting and i was getting to the end of the airport but i still saw no gate A. Then there were stairs, and as sign that said gate A pointing downwards to the stairs, but i wasn't sure so i asked this airport guy, which i'm glad i did, he said that i had to take the train and get off the second stop. The whole time i was on the train i kept saying to myself second stop second stop. When I finally got to my gate, there was already a lot fo people there. I looked around for some auntie annes pretzels but THERE WAS NONE!!!:( I was really sad. I was hungry too!! There wasn't any good places, so i decided to just sit tight and wait. I got tired of waiting so i went in to this one store and got me a magazine, with this horoscope thing and a POSTCARD!! A dallas postcard. Whend it was time to get on the plane, i was in line behind this pretty cute guy. Only problem is he was really tall. I liked the way he dressed though, he dressed like one of those guys who looks like they just came from the beach. I got really sad and said to myself, "I would never be able to get guys like that, tall." Anyway, they gave us this bag with snacks. There was this sandwich, which was pretty good, this borwnie, which was really good, bag of chips and carrots, which i didn't eat. I also sat in the middle this time, and all three seats were filled. I flt crammed. I sat beside these old lady and the nice lady. They both started talking a lot when they both settled in their sits, and the old lady, who was mean(thats all i'm gonna say) spat on me a couple of times. I asked her if she wanted to switch sits with me and she said, "you wanna look out the window don't you?!" I didn't like her very much. The other lady on the other hand i liked. She was very friendly, and we had little conversations here and there. I didn't really miss out by not sitting besdie the window because the whole time it was just clouds out there and you can't see anything, but the mean lady was looking out there like she was watching a movie! Well we landed, and the nice lady and i saw a hooters air plane!!! We were laughing....she found it funny i found it amusing but i didn't want her to laugh by herself and feel stupid and i liked her so i laughed with her.

My uncle, cousin and my cousin's uncle picked me up. When we got home i saw my other cousin, who i think off as practically my sis and we have the same birthday............she's taler than me!!! By like 2 inches....she's 10 by the way. The other uncle dude kept making jokes about it. Usually i wouldn't really care, but this time it made me think. I hate being short......yeah yeah yeah awww. The next morning we were going toliberty science, and i was kind of regretting not bringing my boots. I asked my cousin if she had any and she didn't and my aunt said thats okay, you're cute. I hate that!!! I feel like i'm never being taken seriously. I know i'm one of those people who are goofy and dorky, but.................

So liberty science...it was cool!!! It's liket his museum, anything relating to science. We watched forces of nature at this imax theatre dome! It was humongous!!! The sits were reclined since it was a dome, and at the beggining it was exciting because you felt like you were really in the movie, but after a while it made mer eally dizzy and made me want to puke!!! It wasn't only me either, my aunt and uncle and cousins felt the same way. Over all though i had lots of fun. Then we drove to china town in NEW YORK!!! WE went through this Hudson Tunnel, where apparently it goes under water, it was like the longest tunnel ever though!! I was holding my breath and making a wish, but i breathed after a couple of seconds coz i realized it took like 5-6 mins to go through like half or more of the tunnel. We ate at this chinese restaurant, and had this dish which was pretty good. Afterwards we walked around. Then on our way home we stopped at the liberty park, and it WAS SO SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I AM jealous that we don't have this park in sacramento, or something as beautiful as that!!! You can see The Statue of Liberty from the park, and all the monumental buildings in new york. There was also a bunch of sail boats parked at the dock. UGGHH IT WAS JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!

So now were home, my cousins are watching Simpsons, and i'm tired of typing. Kelly check your e-mail coz i have to tell you something.

OH, by the way my little cousin had the cinderella story soundtrack, and you wanna know whats sad? Almost alll of the songs are from hillary duff and /or her sister. There was only like 3 songs from other artists. THAt's just sad. Well anyway, i miss yall and i'm so glad kelly, that you've finally experience the joy that is AUSTIN!!!!!!!! :)



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